The Vineyard
 Hoopes Family Vineyards is a family owned vineyard and winery dedicated to producing premium, limited production Cabernet Sauvignon. We love wine, and we love farming. Our goal is to capture the truest expression of the Oakville terroir in which our grapes are grown.

Our wines are classic cabs that capture the relationship between grape-grower and winemaker and constitute an expression of old-world-farming and taste profiles marrying with new-world fruit flavors and ripeness Our philosophy is simple: we minimize after-harvest manipulation of the grape so that you can enjoy the most important ingredients – the grape, and the terroir — in their truest form. The result is our wine: elegant and feminine, yet bold. The result is notably distinguishable from the region’s many other great wines due to the unique site, clone, and age of the vines.Spencer Hoopes, first generation proprietor, planted the ten-acre vineyard 1983 and has been farming the land ever since. Year after year the vineyard produces the highest quality grapes, with bright fruit flavors and a dense flavor core. Now, Spencer works alongside his daughter, Lindsay Hoopes, to continue the legacy of Hoopes Family Wines. Although the wines bear a new face, Lindsay maintains reverence for the land, farming, and family heritage in the wines that she produces.